usage - windows software

The Webinterface will be used to:

  • check the status of your SimplexGate
  • check for updates
  • inspect log files
  • unregister the gateway

After the login an information window will be shown, when there is a new software available, including the download link.
If there is an update available, just download the new version and install it accordingly.

The Status screen is the first screen you will see after connecting to SimplexGate via Browser
Here you will see your registered webservices, the sent and received Data, as well as the connection state.

With "refresh webservices" you can reload the list of your webservices, in case you changed them in the Portal.

The log screen will show all log entries that are of interest to SimplexGate.
This covers:

  • the Service itself,
  • the established VPN Connection (where you can see IP and Port of the REDDOXX Cloud)
  • access and error logs for your webservices

Here you can change the login password and unregister the gateway.

You should change the login password directly after your first login, for security reasons.

This will drop your gateway registration and restarts SimplexGate.
Upon restart, you can register your SimplexGate again:

  • with the same or another portal account
  • with the same or another organization
  • with the same or another gateway

Disconnects you from the administration interface.