SimplexGate is the cloud based identity and access management software by REDDOXX.
It has never been so easy to provide world wide access for your employees to your companies internal applications.
With 2 factor authentification, it is as well easy as secure.

You do not require in depth IT Security Know how or a special infrastructure.
Your employees can access the applications after a short 5 minute setup.

How does it work?

You only need the SimplexGate software, that is available as Windows Software or as virtual appliance.
After the installation, the SimplexGate will automatically create an secure VPN tunnel from your company network to the REDDOXX Cloud.
This way, your data is protected for observation or abuse by a third party.

You only need to provide the webservices that need to be accessed by you our your employees.
It is only required to provide the internal address, the further configuration is automatically done by SimplexGate.
A certificate based SSL/TLS encryption is also automatically configured to allow a secure access immediatly.