Installation - Virtual Machine

After powering on the system, select if the IP should be configured static or via DHCP

If "Use Static" was selected, configure the corresponding IP Settings and confirm with OK

Start the Setup with YES

After the installation, confirm the OK with Enter to reboot

After the reboot, wait until the administration IP is shown

Use a browser to connect to the IP that is shown in the console and start the gateway (green check mark)

Login with "admin" as password

Enter your portal credentials and proceed with "Next"

Load your organization, that is assigned to your portal account, from the drop down list

Load your gateway, that you have created in the portal account

The SimplexGate Appliance will now establish a secure VPN connection to the REDDOX cloud and your webservices are available.

The SimplexGate appliance does not store any configuration, so you can easily install the appliance and register again.
This is especially useful, if you decide to switch your appliance from one host to another.
Just make sure that there is only one SimplexGate appliance connected to your portal gateway.